Askov Fire & Rescue Department

Askov Fire and Rescue Fire Truck

The Askov Fire & Rescue Department is a 100% volunteer fire department that provides emergency services to the City of Askov and surrounding area.

Meetings - last Wednesday of each month at 7 pm

Training - third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm

If you are interested joining, contact Askov City Hall at 320-838-3616. No experience necessary, we will train.


The Askov Fire and Rescue Department was established in 1953 to provide fire protection services to the community. In 2019, a cadet firefighter/EMR program was established to develop youth  with fire training and service.  Being a cadet firefighter/EMR is a rewarding way to learn new skills in firefighting and emergency medical services.  Upon learning a minimum number of skills, advanced cadets can and are expected to respond to emergency calls.  Cadets will be under the supervision of senior firefighter/EMRs at all times.  Cadets will learn new skills with regular training and be able to fight real fires once becoming an active member. All training, uniforms and personal protective equipment are provided at no cost.

The requirements to be a cadet firefighter/EMR are as follows:  Cadet Firefighters/EMRs must be at least 15 years old but not older that 17 years old.  The must be able to follow directions under stressful conditions. They should be in good physical condition to perform essential fire ground tasks.  Cadets should be willing and able to attend at least 10 scheduled fire meetings and required training.  Special trainings are optional but highly encouraged.  Cadets must maintain a 70% (C) average or higher in their schoolwork to remain active.  Cadets are expected to follow all school guidelines and obey Minnesota State High School League Rules.  Cadets need to be self-starters and be willing to learn.  Poor grades, misbehavior and misconduct are not tolerated. Cadets who regularly strive to learn more and be involved will be rewarded with increasing levels of responsibility and opportunities. Cadets members who do not contribute to the department or do not obey high school rules will be removed from active status so that other cadets have the opportunity to participate. The fire department is proud of its members; cadet members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when representing the fire department.

For more information contact the Askov City Office at 320-838-3616.

Pete Watrin   Assistant Chief  
Matt Haugen   Fire Fighter  
Kari Loew   Secretary  
Shad Seibert   Captain  
Jason Ripley   Fire Fighter  
Ilya Burlak   Fire Fighter  
Mike Gutknecht   Fire Chief  
Sandy Gebhart   Rescue   
Keith Klein   Fire Fighter  
Gerry Klocke   Fire Fighter  
Tom Jensen   Fire Fighter  
Breanna Jensen   Rescue  
Chad Johnsenj      
Mike Rote   Fire Fighter  
Matt Watrin   Fire Fighter  
Steph Youngberg   Fire Fighter  
Jake Klocke   Fire Fighter  
Patricia Holstein   Rescue  
Eric Cotton   Rescue Lieutenant  
Scott Peterson   Lieutenant  
Misi Gangl   Rescue