Askov Fire & Rescue Department

Askov Fire and Rescue Fire Truck

The Askov Fire & Rescue Department is a 100% volunteer fire department that provides emergency services to the City of Askov and surrounding area.

Meetings - last Wednesday of each month at 7 pm

Training - third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm

If you are interested joining, contact Askov City Hall at 320-838-3616. No experience necessary, we will train.

Pete Watrin   Chief 18
Scott Peterson   Assistant Chief/Training Officer 11
Kari Loew   Secretary 16
Shad Seibert   Captain 14
Jason Ripley   Lieutenant 13
Misi Gangl   Rescue Lieutenant 18
Ilya Burlak   Fire Fighter 5
Jodi Gutknecht   Rscue 4
Mike Gutknecht   Fire Fighter 17
Chad Johnsen   Fire Fighter 17
Keith Klein   Fire Fighter 15
Gerry Klocke   Fire Fighter 21
Tom Jensen   Fire Fighter 1
Dave Mallory   Fire Fighter 5
Janet Paulsen   Rescue 6
Mike Rote   Fire Fighter 15
Steve Schneider   Fire Fighter 6
Gerrit Sparks   Fire Fighter 4
Matt Watrin   Fire Fighter 15
Mike Weber   Fire Fighter 7
Holly Taylor   Fire Fighter 1